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Small Town Small Developments

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Balance Resident and Business Interests

Casual Business Meeting

Prioritize Local Voices

"Small Town Small Developments" 

Part of preserving Wayzata’s heritage is controlling scale and mass of developments. I believe in Small Town Small Development.  And they better be charming.

As chair of the Wayzata Planning Commission, my colleagues and I have advised Council to turn down developments that were too big for Wayzata, or damaging to the health of our lake, tree canopy, or existing topography. I will continue to do this as a member of the Wayzata City Council.

"Balance Resident and Business Interests"

A healthy business district keeps property taxes down for all of us, but we need to consider the impact our incredibly vibrant downtown is having on our the quality of life for our residents.  I want to work with community stakeholders to find common-sense ways to regain the peaceful and quiet atmosphere that seems to be at risk with incremental increases in car and pedestrian traffic.

"Prioritize Local Voices"

Input from the community is essential and always will be heard.  We have had some very long Planning Commission meetings because we want to hear your voice.  It's worth it and the right thing to do.  I will prioritize those who pay property taxes in our community.

Questionnaire from League of Women Voters of Minnesota

Why are you the best candidate for this position?

#1. 4 years experience on the Wayzata Planning Commission where I now serve as the Chairman. Planning is traditionally the training ground for Council. Voters now know that I am level-headed, consistent & compassionate & will fight for WAYZATA! #2. Member Wayzata Zoning Studies task force + building design standards #3. Member - Wayzata Blvd. Corridor Study task force #4. Past CPA - Fiscal austerity is my it relates to our $20 mil city budget & tax levy. I can help! #5. 37 yrs. of business experience: Masters in Business from the University of Chicago, 22+ years in real estate. #6. High ethical standards which are imperative for public trust.

If elected, what will your top 3 priorities be and why?

My Priorities: SMALL TOWN SMALL DEVELOPMENTS - building mass & scale must fit the location and be charming. If not, I VOTE NO! BALANCE RESIDENT AND BUSINESS INTERESTS: How to handle the additional traffic, noise, & parking complaints? How to pay for maintenance and incremental wear & tear on our community? Our economic eco-system is struggling under the influx of visitors. PRIORITIZE LOCAL VOICES: All local property tax payers must be heard over outside voices. I listen!

How will you work with your community to promote public safety in our neighborhoods?

As a council member and a resident, I will support our police, fire and other first responders 200%. Public safety is becoming more difficult to ensure...and it is these men and women who put their lives on the line to prevent bad things from happening to you and me. Neighborhood groups and alert citizens are essential. Programs like "If you see something, say something!" work wonders. The council just approved two more police/peace officers. Council made a good decision for our safety.

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